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Published on October 8th, 2013


Dolphin Killers in Japans Taiji City have unveiled new plans. “The Cove”

The authorities in the Japanese city of Taiji, became famous after the documentary “The Cove”, planning to open a marine park where visitors can swim with dolphins. However, the massacre in the nearby bay, where hundreds of dolphins killed by barbarism will continue.

Moreover, one of the organizers claims that visitors can enjoy dolphin and whale meat while they watch the show offered by captive animals.

The towns plan began to consider that part of the bay will be transformed into a place where people can swim among dolphins and small whales.

Government officials insisted that, far from being bowed down by activists pressure who want to put an end to this bloody custom, the purpose of the project is actually to help support this practice.

Hisato Ryono pointing where animals are killed

“Already using small dolphins and whales in the bay as a source of tourism where hunting occurs. In summer, swimmers can enjoy watching mammals. But now we plan to do it on a larger scale. This project is part of the long term plan to develop the entire city in a park where tourists can enjoy seeing marine animals and can taste various seafood, including dolphin and whale meat.”

The park will be separated from the Gulf Hatakejiri, where some dolphins fishermen choose to sell them to aquariums and marine parks and slaughtering the rest.

The plan involves the creation of a reserved a safari park that spans 28 acres, the location of the entrance to the Bay Moriura nets in north- west. The Taiji officials estimated that the park will open in the next 5 years.

In 2009, the documentary “The Cove” brought Taiji town to the attention of the whole world. A year after launch, the documentary that captured dozens of animal slaughters, won the Oscar. Today, activists still visit the city to protest against hunting .

Sperm whales and dolphins caught in waters near the area that will be released in the natural park that will include the beaches.

Authorities from the Wakayama region claim that the city TaijiĀ  has cought 1,277 dolphins and this year the license will allow them to capture 2026 in the period September 2013 August 2014 .

“The whole plan is based on the concept of exploiting dolphins and whales as a resource freely own, but mammals do not belong to them. Marine mammals migrate to the ocean, and the public believes that wild animals should have the right to live freely”, said Secretary General of the Conservancy Iruka & Kujira ( dolphin and whale ) Action Network ( IKAN ) from Tokyo .

People in Taiji argue that hunting marine mammals is part of their tradition for 400 years.

On the other hand, Japan regularly stirs anger for its annual whale hunt in the Antarctic. This year Australia took the issue to the attention of the International Court of Justice, but Tokyo defends the practice saying that it is a “scientific research” whose product is meat. However, critics argue that it is a full-fledged game that is supported by taxpayers .

Source: AFP

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