10 Most Beautiful Mountains in the World (Photo Gallery)

10 Most Beautiful Mountains in the World (Photo Gallery)

Just what are the most beautiful mountains in the world? Our planet is scattered with spectacular mountains – some worldwide known, others obscure, but all beautiful in their own way. Specialists from the travel publication “Wild Junket Magazine” have compiled a Top 10 of the most beautiful mountains on Earth. “Whether you’re a photographer, geologist,…

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Unique project in China: ‘farmscrapers’ that will produce food for all their people (PHOTO)

Vincent Callebaut Architects, a French company created a solution for achieving sustainable buildings for the Chinese metropolis of Shenzhen. The result Shenzhen Asian project called Cairn Farmscraper, an initiative that proposes the construction of six towers with a stacked stone look one on top of another.  Besides the ‘farmscrapers’ amazing design, the buildings will provide space…