concept dress turns transparent get emotional video

Published on April 8th, 2014

Concept Dress Turns Transparent When a Person is Aroused (VIDEO)

The Intimacy 2.0 dress was invented by the Dutch company Studio Roosegaarde. The product can be purchased in two colors – black and white.

The dress is made ​​of artificial leather pieces that are placed between the sensor detects changes in body temperature and heart rate. These changes usually occur when a person is aroused.

When you increase the temperature and heart rate of the person wearing the dress, the breast area changes color and becomes transparent as plastic.

Unfortunately, not only excitement will cause these changes to the dress, but other strong emotions such as fear, anxiety or joy.

Sensors hidden throughout the dress are able to detect tiny changes in the wearer’s body temperature and heart rate. As the wearer’s heart rate goes up, the e-foils change colour and turn into clear plastic. The dress is shown here in its opaque state

The first version of the dress, Intimacy, could become completely invisible, while this version becomes clear only in the breast area.

Creator, Daan Roosegaarde, Dutch engineer says that this product is the perfect blend of fashion, privacy and technology.

So far dress can be bought in one dimension - the small version, with a length of 101 cm.

Mr Roosegaarde fully expects his concept dress, or a version of it, to eventually be worn on the street

Daan Roosegaarde wants a new model, Intimacy 3.0, to be worn by men and women, the product is currently in draft.

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