Attention! The bra can be a source of serious health problems, experts warn

Especially for women who have large breasts, a wrong bra can be at the origin of serious problems, the most diverse, including skin irritation, tendonitis, back pain, headaches, and digestive disorders.

In Britain, for example, it is estimated that 4 in 5 women are wearing an improper size bra. Many underestimate the width of the back and overestimate the size of cups, which leads to choosing a wrong bra size.

Lorna Mills, chiropractor clinic states that women regularly come with shoulders sagging and warping of the back, indigestion due to pressing on the diaphragm and lungs, traces left by braces and wires from the cup – all signs of wearing a not suitable bra.

One of the most common problems is that women wear bras whose cups are too large breast size, therefore they always tend to gather braces, which pull down the shoulders and neck, bent spine and creating tension and discomfort.

The wire from the base of the cup can also create problems, especially when the straps are too close, in this case, the brassiere can press the lower part of the stomach and esophagus and push them in abnormal opposite directions. All small mismatches can lead to pressure on the diaphragm (especially in women who are sitting for hours), can affect breathing, digestion, posture, muscular system functions, etc..

Sometimes you can reach hiatal hernia (passing a portion of the stomach above the diaphragm), heartburn and other digestive problems, up to irritable bowel syndrome.

Sometimes, there are headaches and neck, tendonitis (inflammation of the tendon) at the shoulders and arms, numbness and tingling in arms.

Here are specialists tips for choosing a suitable bra :

  • Straps should not widen in the flesh, at the shoulders, but to sit comfortably on them.
  • The back strip does not have to rise upwards on the spine, you should insert two fingers under your back, and a finger in front of the bra’s middle.
  • Breasts should fit perfectly in cups, not to “spill on the outside” and not remain empty space inside the cup.
  • Underwired bras are not suitable during periods breasts to increase in size, eg pregnant women, but maybe more comfortable for women with large breasts and no longer changes the volume.
  • The wires should not leave scars in the skin or leave the fabric. Must be positioned below the breastbone and sit comfortably on the chest. If it presses on the chest, you may need a bigger bra.
  • If the breasts go under the bra you probably need a bigger bra cups and tape measure smaller.

Health experts recommend women to resort to professional help for choosing the right bra (such services are available in some women’s clothing stores or specialized underwear stores).

Sometimes women who have chronic problems caused by large breasts are incorrectly supported even tempted to resort to plastic surgery for breast reduction surgery (breast reduction), but experts say that in many cases, switching to a perfect bra fit (as Optifit, a “3-D” bra, as creators call, based on body measurements of three, not two, as in the case of many brassieres) can result in a dramatic improvement in health, without the need for operation.

Source: Mall Online

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