amazing leidenfrost phenomenon water droplets walking alone maze video

Published on October 4th, 2013

Amazing Leidenfrost phenomenon: Water droplets are walking alone through the maze (VIDEO)

Have you ever heard Leidenfrost effect? If not, then get acquainted with what will now be your favorite phenomenon.

The main idea is that when a liquid in contact with a very hot object (that is, at a temperature twice as high as the boiling temperature), it will never reach the entire surface of the object as the vapor is formed around the are designed to act as a protective barrier.

Specifically, the sizzling you hear when you spray the pan with water droplets to check whether this effect is active.

Good! Now that we have explained what Leidenfrost effect can go to fun things.

What is really interesting is that when the hot surface flowing liquid is serrated, we can control the direction in which dropsmove. This was the finding that student Carmen Cheng and Matthew Guy from Bath University, who created a special maze to demonstrate how  water droplets move when the hot surface has jagged edges.

Source: Popular Science


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