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Published on November 10th, 2013

“Aliens” in our bedroom: which are the creatures we share our home with? (Video)

These creatures, despite their bizarre appearance resembling to alien creatures, however  they are earth creatures, very widespread even – so widespread that in an ordinary mattress are 2-3 million of them. They are dust-mites and the animation created by a specialized German company shows how it moves, feeds and lives with us in the house.

These mites – sometimes called dust mites – thrive in warm environments and are growing significantly in winter when homes are rarely aired.

Dust mites thrive in homes, especially in bedrooms and kitchens, living in furniture, carpets, bedding and feeding on all kinds of debris, including tiny flaky skin fragments – superficial layer of skin cells that are shed from the body every time. Not visible to the naked eye because it measures only a quarter of an inch in length.

They are regularly found in houses and create problems when they are numerous - in unventilated and dusty houses. And they create problems in the houses where people suffer from asthma and other allergic diseases. Droppings of animals - the size of a pollen grain - can trigger asthma attacks and other allergic reactions. Droppings are high in the air when we vacuum, when we sit on the couch or twist in bed.

An animation created by the German Science Productions Sciepro show these little animals moving and feeding on bits of flaky skin. Based on real footage of animals, the company specializes in animation on medical topics, create clips that can not be captured by photographers and operators. Recently, the company’s specialists have created an animation that represents the lifestyle of lice and is currently working on videos on the topic biology of helminths (intestinal worms).

Source: Mail Online

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